The THRIVE initiative is starting to build a comprehensive Funding and Financing System to support health and economic progress for the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Both national and regional advisory boards have been formed to advance current efforts.

The THRIVE initiative, Transforming Health Regionally In a Vibrant Economy, is a regional initiative with the mission to achieve improved health and sustained economic growth in the Great Lakes Bay Region through the highly effective and coordinated collaboration of a variety of stakeholders.

THRIVE, co-led by Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA), brings together partners across multiple sectors, including health, education, economic development, finance, faith-based, and philanthropy, from several counties throughout the Great Lakes Bay region. The initiative’s five priority areas are: Community Attractiveness Engine, Building Provider Capacity, Investing in Social Determinants of Health, Job Creation, and Preventative Care.

A key element of THRIVE’s vision is the development of a Funding & Financing Strategy that catalogues, harnesses, and deploys the range of available public and private grant and financing sources to sustain and expand THRIVE activities in conjunction with many regional partners.

“We started the initiative’s design work in 2017, carefully looking at the trajectory of health and economic outcomes for our community. Based upon a clear imperative to change these outcomes, THRIVE was launched to implement both economic and health drivers within our region. We are so grateful to have enthusiastic participation from health, economic development, financing, and impact-investing professionals to help shape our funding and financing strategies.  These individuals are from the region and across the nation, joining us in moving forward the groundbreaking work for our communities,” stated MiHIA CEO, Beth Roszatycki.

Both the Funding & Financing Strategy Regional Advisory Board (RAB) and the national leaders Funding & Financing Advisory Board (FFAB) will hold initial virtual convenings the week of May 18th, 2020.  The purpose of the RAB is to provide feedback, guidance, referrals and introductions in support of THRIVE’s regional efforts to attract funding and financing streams needed to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.  The FFAB will help to advance critical innovation in the field of community transformation, adding value across health, community development and policy arenas. Avivar Capital, a California-based impact investment advisory firm with expertise in healthy community investing, has been enlisted to lead the Funding & Financing Strategy.

Lisa Richter, Avivar managing partner and co-founder and a pioneer in the field of impact investing, speaks to the importance of this work, particularly in the time of a global health and economic crisis, “In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we know all too well that creating flexible models and systems for how communities can pursue dual goals of health and economic vitality is critical to community survival.  We are excited to co-lead these funding and financing efforts with THRIVE and to have access to valuable experts that will sit on the two advisory boards.  Their guidance will help this region to best identify and create opportunities to work with investors looking to make a financial impact while also promoting health and creating more equitable access to opportunity as well as mission-driven grantors who are trying to amplify the benefits they seek from their grant-making,” she said.

Additional background information pertaining to THRIVE, including a list and biographical information for members of both boards can be found at here. You may also email