Maureen Krauss, CEO of Donohue Krauss

“People are very connected here, they work well together, and they want to make a positive difference,” says Maureen Krauss when speaking about the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR). “This is a trait that does not have data around it, but it is a feeling that you get as soon as you talk to someone.” This feeling is also a part of what drew Maureen Krauss and several partners to expand their organization, Donohue Krauss, into the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR).  The organization focuses on bringing new investment and jobs to the region, from outside the region, which makes Donohue Krauss a perfect partner to the THRIVE (Transforming Health Regionally in a Vibrant Economy) initiative. THRIVE also focuses on attracting new industries to the GLBR and organizations like Donohue Krauss are helping make that happen every day.

The GLBR is in good hands with Krauss as she is far from new to the economic development field. Krauss previously served as the first Chief Economic Development Officer at the Indy Chamber, where she oversaw the Indy Partnership, a regional economic development program of the City of Indianapolis and 9 surrounding counties. Additionally, she served as Vice President of Economic Development and Business Attraction at the Detroit Regional Chamber. Krauss was previously the President of the Michigan Economic Developers Association and served three terms on the MEDA board. She has been awarded the top two economic development awards in Michigan and Arizona. Krauss’ many years of experience and unique perspectives are an asset to the GLBR.

The GLBR has a strong reputation and Krauss is pleased to continue building on the base that is already so prevalent. “The opportunity to work on advancing this region on business attraction, when the local pillars are already so strong, was very appealing to me,” Krauss states. “The GLBR has great assets, and I am happy to help them proactively tell that story to those outside of the region.” As a community, Krauss asks that we serve as ambassadors to promote our region. “Everyone needs to be an Ambassador for the region – promoting our strengths and having common talking points about our assets will make people pay attention and give us a look.” In addition, if you are in need of assistance starting a business Krauss states, “Please know there are resources to assist all types of business to succeed here, and your economic development team, whether at the local or regional level, can help to access those resources.”

Krauss believes the GLBR is set apart from other regions due to the talent pipeline, STEM initiatives, and focus on mental health. “Our 8 colleges and universities, our 60,000 students. The STEM initiative tells businesses making investments that they will be successful in having the talent they need in the future. Also, this region is willing to tackle issues that result in a better quality of life for all, like all of the work being done on mental health.”

Donohue Krauss hopes to go outside of our region to tell businesses, talent and influencers what our story is. Krauss believes this will result in a stronger economy, which will benefit all. For more information on the THRIVE initiative visit: