The THRIVE initiative is pleased to announce the hiring of Allison Quast as the Financial Strategist. Ms. Quast will help drive progress in the development of the comprehensive  funding and financial strategy. Prior to her new position, Ms. Quast had been in charge of running her family business in the Mt. Pleasant area.

An active member of the community, Ms. Quast recently served in the leadership of Mt. Pleasant as Vice Mayor and then as Mayor (2016-2018). In this capacity, she has already advocated for many of the underlying principles of the THRIVE initiative as well as some of the specific interventions that will be implemented over the coming months: attracting businesses and talent to the region, improving maternal and newborn health, and expanding non-traditional transportation models.

“I’m excited to see such an innovative, transformational effort that will have such a significant impact right here in our region. Looking at not just health, but overall wellness, of individuals and the economy, is a big task and something I look forward to being a part of.”

A native of Mt. Pleasant, Ms. Quast earned her Bachelor of Science degree in General Management from Michigan State University.