The mission of the THRIVE is to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.

Summary Statement: Approximately 45 leaders from multiple sectors across the Great Lakes Bay Region convened for a pivotal, half day session as the THRIVE initiative evolves to establish the intervention portfolio that will drive achievement of the THRIVE mission.

Participants received detailed analysis of the “business as usual” scenario and the “All THRIVE” scenario (the full set of 42 recommendations from the THRIVE Priority Teams). The broad view of the business as usual scenario provided a compelling case for transformational action to change the trajectory of our region with regard to health and the economy. Further, the All THRIVE scenario and variants of it demonstrated clearly the promising future which would be expected with implementation – a win-win set of outcomes. Participants also explored the level of investment that might be appropriate and how variations in the investment level would affect projected outcomes.

The content of the session and participant input are important input to the THRIVE Steering Team which is charged with recommending the final portfolio.

More details of the meeting content are available below along with next steps for THRIVE.

The extraordinary progress we have made to date to achieve the mission of THRIVE is solely because of the many contributions made by each of you. This alone has helped us set the stage for true regional success. Thank you – thank you for all those involved to date, your dedication and efforts thus far. As a region we need to celebrate how far we have come.

Getting to this point:

From the beginning, THRIVE embarked on a journey to identify priority levers for change and build a comprehensive portfolio to invest in those levers.

Since early formative discussions in February 2017, our community has taken health and economic improvement head on convening a Launch Team to help carry forward the initial efforts of THRIVE. The last eighteen months of serious work have brought us to this time where we are about to finalize this intervention portfolio.   It has happened through the engagement, hard work and valuable work involving dozens and dozens of community members.

Our initial phase of THRIVE included interviewing 80+ stakeholders to gain their perspectives of opportunities and gaps in both health and the economy. Simultaneously work was underway to build a comprehensive database and foundation of information for study of our community related to health and the economy. At the same time, an inventory was started of ongoing community work which was relevant.   Hundreds of people were added to a stakeholder list due to their interest and regular Stakeholder Advisory Group sessions were held to share progress and gather input.

In partnership with ReThink Health we developed a map of our ecosystem which enabled us to selected five priority areas based upon areas we felt we could have the largest impact and strong community support.

The Top 5 Strategic Priorities are as follows:

  • Building Provider Capacity: Health Education and Professional Pipeline
  • Preventive Care, Mental Health and Well-being
  • Community Investments and Reducing Barriers to address Social Determinants of Health
  • Regional Attractiveness: Including Cost, Quality, Access, and Delivery of Health Care
  • Creation of jobs

Modeling Results

Our intentions for THRIVE are clear – to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth.

On August 29th, 2018 a half-day workshop was hosted to: gather insight into the estimated impact of Priority Team recommendations compared to baseline scenario; gain understanding of the ALL THRIVE portfolio’s impact, investment requirements, and timing; get a sense of the group’s priorities for the portfolio given the estimated impact.

The full presentation can be found here.

The “Business as Usual Scenario or “baseline” scenario has some serious implications including declining population, reduced workforce, increased poverty, increased chronic disease and reduced health system net income. This alone provides compelling rationale to ACT!    

The ALL THRIVE portfolio illustrates positive benefits including improved worker productivity, reversal of population loss, more people in the workforce, less poverty and disadvantaged population, increased average income, less Medicaid/ more commercial pay, increased hospital net income. All Portfolio Results link here.

The ALL THRIVE portfolio is incredibly balanced across the ecosystem, enabling broad transformational positive progress and a remarkable turnaround to the negative trajectories in our region.   It does result in some increase in healthcare costs and with the somewhat limited investment level on selected actions, there are still issues with untreated mental illness.

Where available, interventions included in the ALL THRIVE portfolio were evidence based and selected based on high impact and return on investment; also being conscious that some interventions adjustments may be warranted upon further review of the simulation model results.

Looking Ahead:

Keys to Success: Collaboration & Commitment

THRIVE seeks to make transformational change on a regional basis with recognition of the shared importance and value of regional thinking and action. It is a must to produce a cohesive, community-aligned and connected final portfolio to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.

As we approach the selection of the regional portfolio the Launch Team has met its core objective and it is time for the Steering Team to assume the coordination role of the united effort of MiHIA and GLBRA. Steering Team Charter link here.

Steering Team membership is made based on knowledge and experience with GLBRA, MiHIA and THRIVE, engagement and ability to drive forward progress of THRIVE, and clear commitment to the mission and vision.

Next Steps:

The THRIVE effort must look beyond any one organization, remove the habits of thought and challenge ourselves to create the win-win solution.

The Steering Team will be convening monthly through 2018 to: identify/confirm/communicate shared destination targets and metrics for improved health and economic outcomes, provide effective long-term, sustainable, coordination and support of the THRIVE portfolio and measurement of progress, anticipate and secure funding/financing for the regional initiative/portfolio and provide oversight of an effective Communication Strategy.

The Great Lakes Bay is on the path to becoming an exemplary region. This journey is not over. It will require on-going commitment, with intentional dialogue from regional leaders, funders and community members to create conditions for system change to occur. Each of us has a role to play in solidifying as a region, acting with a shared purpose and unity.

We are extremely grateful for the work that has been done, the relationships that are being established and the dedication to this important effort. If you have questions, please contact Matt Felan, Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance CEO and president, at or Beth Roszatycki, MiHIA CEO, at

Updated 9/2018