The THRIVE Portfolio Director‘s primary function is to provide leadership that substantively fulfills the THRIVE mission. The Portfolio Director is responsible for the comprehensive logistical and administrative leadership of the 35 intervention portfolio, managing progress milestones and achieving target outcomes with emphasis on delivering maximum value in alignment to the Outcomes of Success: Health Impact, Healthcare System and Provider Impact and Economic Impact. Initially the role will require oversight of the transition from strategic planning for the portfolio to implementation via a phased launch of portfolio elements and final development and deployment of the comprehensive and sustainable funding plan.
The Portfolio Director provides exceptional leadership in assuring progress of the THRIVE Portfolio, core initiatives and projects, elevating the profile of THRIVE in the community to enhance its ability to succeed, as well as strengthening the implementation infrastructure
The Portfolio Director will have the ability to work closely with the THRIVE Chief Health Officer, THRIVE Chief Economic Officer, MiHIA CEO, GLBRA CEO, and other staff and contractors hired to support THRIVE.
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