THRIVE Celebrates World Patient Safety Day with Focus on Medication Safety and Reduction of Adverse Drug Events | September 17, 2021

FREELAND, MICHIGAN, September 17, 2021 – In recognition of World Patient Safety Day and the organization’s commitment to Zero Harm in the region, THRIVE is excited to announce several milestones in the ongoing work to reduce adverse drug events and support patient safety in the region. Marking the vital importance...

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Dr. Sasha Savage, Chief Health Officer for THRIVE, discusses loneliness on the The Visibility Project Podcast | July 23, 2021

“We know that loneliness is actually a real negative on people's health. It has a tendency turn into depression and depression carries some pretty significant adverse health consequences. So, you can imagine when COVID hit, we were watching loneliness skyrocket. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t treat it very well. You can treat depression, but loneliness is a whole other animal. To be able to treat that, you have to think outside the box. With healthcare providers, we’re often best at ...

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MiHIA and THRIVE Launch Scorecard of Regional Metrics Along with Enhanced Dashboard 4.0 | June 22, 2021

FREELAND, MI, June 22, 2021 – The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. is proud to announce the rollout of additional tools aimed at advancing community knowledge of needs and progress in the broader Great Lakes Bay Region. The MiHIA Dashboard 4.0 creates a common place where data can be obtained to impact health and economic success thro...

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THRIVE and Local Health Systems Announce First Round of Patient Safety Data in Pursuit of Zero Harm Measures | April 6, 2021

FREELAND, MICHIGAN, April 6, 2021 – As part of a broad effort to advance patient safety in the region, the THRIVE Patient Safety Taskforce announced that the first year of Zero Harm metrics is now available from regional health systems comparing our local data to nationally benchmarked information on patient outcomes and harm. The goal for Zero Harm was established from the findings...

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Zero Harm Data – A Letter to the Citizens of the Great Lakes Bay Region | April 6, 2021

Dear Citizens of the Great Lakes Bay Region, In 2016, Johns Hopkins released the findings from a large study which reviewed years of medical death data. The results estimated that 250,000 deaths per year occur in the United States due to medical error. Those estimates place medical error as the third leading cause of death in our country, right behind heart disease and cancer. For decades, our regional healthcare systems have been working to eliminate medical error, but as the Johns Hopkins stud...

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U.S. Surgeon General’s Community Health and Economic Prosperity Report published | January 19, 2021

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Building provider capacity and shifting the culture of mental health in the Great Lakes Bay Region | January 18, 2021

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Zero Harm | October 19, 2020

[caption id="attachment_1733" align="alignright" width="300"] Dr. Louis Constan[/caption] Over the last two decades our medical leaders have been flummoxed (and embarrassed) over how to explain why the United States, which...

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