The THRIVE Steering Team provides the mechanism to bring organizations together to offer support, track progress, and provide collective ownership of the regional portfolio. Membership is defined as follows: the GLBRA CEO and Board chair; the MiHIA CEO and Board chair; three members from each Board of Directors of both GLBRA and MiHIA, and regional healthcare systems executive leaders.

Existing support staff from both the GLBRA and MiHIA as well as volunteers continue to provide vital support to the progress of THRIVE. The implementation of the THRIVE portfolio will include the extensive involvement of community organizations. Many items in the portfolio have natural homes and existing leadership in these community organizations.

The three-year capacity funding raised from the community stakeholders has allowed essential core staff and resources to be secured for THRIVE including a Portfolio Director, Chief Health Officer, Chief Economic Officer, Executive Administrator, grant writers, measurement and evaluation partners, and various specialty consultants.

Dr. Cathy Baase
MiHIA Board Chair
Michigan Health Improvement Alliance 

Dr. Barbara Bates
Medical Center Director
Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center 

Jim Borin
MiHIA Board of Directors 

Ed Bruff
Covenant Healthcare System

Brenda Coughlin, MD, MPH
President and Chief Executive Officer
Great Lakes Bay Health Centers 

Dr. Stephanie Duggan
Regional President, Northern Ministries
Ascension Health

Matt Felan
President & CEO
Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA)

Heather Gallegos
Community Relations Manager
The Dow Chemical Company

Dr. George Kikano
Dean, College of Medicine
Central Michigan University

Lisa Lapham
President & CEO
HealthSource Saginaw

Sandy Lindsey
Saginaw County CMH Authority

Diane Postler-Slattery, PhD
President & CEO
MidMichigan Health

Beth Roszatycki
Michigan Health Improvement Alliance 

Clarence Sevillian
President & CEO
McLaren Bay Region

Dr. Samuel Shaheen
Executive Director
CMU Medical Education Partners

Joel Strasz
Health Officer
Bay County Health Department

Ellen Talbott
Vice President of Patient Care Services/CNO
McLaren Bay Region


Working teams were directed to focus on one of the five strategic areas in order to submit final portfolio recommendations. Submissions were specific actions to make the greatest impact in one area of the ecosystem, were based upon the utilization of data and national expertise and evidence, gaining insight from local leadership, incorporating on-going priorities and current work.

Interventions in the Portfolio were reviewed against criteria to ensure strategy alignment, implementation feasibility and cost effectiveness.  The combined portfolio (All THRIVE) of all five strategic areas was then run through a simulation model and analytics in order to project impact and expected outcomes on numerous metrics over a twenty year horizon.