Leaders from across the Great Lakes Bay Region recognize the powerful and inseparable linkage between economic success and health. The region’s health will be much greater with a strong regional economy which is in turn, only possible with a healthy population.

The mission of THRIVE is to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.

The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA) are collaborating to co-lead the THRIVE initiative to bring high-value impact & benefit to our community citizens, and other regional organizations and institutions. Due to the unique work and transformative nature of our mission, and the full engagement of sectors for support, THRIVE has caught the attention of national and state thought leaders, and established foundations as we build our region into one of health excellence and sustained economic growth.

Keys to Success: Collaboration & Commitment

Innovative leaders across the country are taking specific steps to integrate health and economy based on the powerful evidence that the two are inseparable and have a significant impact on families, businesses and community resources.

In our region, we are starting from a position of strength, with many advantages and several known areas that require study and improvement. The region can boast strong and cohesive communities as well as a wealth of excellent resources dedicated to serving the region’s health and medical needs

Despite our strengths and resources, national and local data still reinforce that we have not yet achieved a community of health excellence across our region. Problem indicators resemble the rest of the nation: the opioid epidemic, the continued deteriorating health outcomes and preventable mortality among the most economically disadvantaged, the lack of mental health professionals, and skyrocketing preventable ailments.

The key to fixing these health issues and building a stronger regional economy is understanding the current status and how to improve it with a comprehensive master plan including: systems thinking and aligning our efforts across sectors, access to basic services and advanced specialties, public health education and prevention of chronic disease, educational attainment and job readiness, robust employment opportunities, appropriate cost and quality of services delivering high value for community stakeholders, reducing barriers to health and economic success for all.


Strategy in Action:
Stewarding Health and the Economy with THRIVE

In the case studies, learn more about THRIVE’s cross-sector collaboration, highlighting the intertwined nature of health and economy and their significant impact on the region.