Suicide Prevention | December 18, 2019

Patient one is visiting his Family Doctor for a routine visit, which begins with some friendly chatting: “What have you been up to Joe?”  “Oh, being lazy, just sitting on my front porch looking at the bridge.” “You mean the Zilwaukee Bridge? What are you thinking about when you look at it?”  “Oh, I’m going up there to jump off.” “Joe, we’d better get you to a Psychiatrist.” Patient two c...

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Maternity Care Program Producing Positive Results | December 1, 2019

Pregnancy is both a beautiful and challenging time in a woman’s life. No matter the situation, all pregnant women have a lot of questions and a lot of concerns about the changes in their lives and their bodies - not to mention a lot of questions about caring for a newborn baby! CMU Health is determined to boost the health of newborn babies and their mothers through an innovative program called CenteringPregnancy. In partnership with MiHIA and initially funded through the Michigan Health End...

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Partner Spotlight: Rich VanTol | December 1, 2019

Rich VanTol is a supervisor at Bay Arenac Intermediate School District and the Coordinator of the Great Start Collaborative (GSC) for Bay and Arenac Counties. The GSC focuses on support for child development and advocacy for higher standards in early childhood education. The GSC brings together partners across the community including parents, community leaders, health, education, and business leaders, along with local philanthropies, to accomplish better results for young children and their fami...

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Community Comes Together for Mental Health Film Screening “Coming Up for Air” | December 1, 2019

It was a late October evening when an audience of 150 gathered at the State Theatre in downtown Bay City for a screening of the critically-acclaimed film: “Coming up for Air,” co-hosted by The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance, Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership and the State Theatre. The film was not your average movie and the audience was not typical either. Focusing on mental health, this independent and multiple award-winning film made ...

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Patient Safety | October 21, 2019

True story: Our patient, post-surgery, sees an oncologist who, perusing the pathology report, sees that cancer cells have apparently “penetrated the capsule.”  Ordinarily, this means the cancer is invasive and our patient will require a full-bore treatment regimen: chemotherapy with radiation.  OK then, but first, the patient asks, please, may I have a copy of that Path report.  Sure.  (Very accommodating oncologist here).  Our patient, who is not a doctor, reads the report very car...

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Deprescribing | September 18, 2019

Your grandmother fell and broke her hip.  A common occurrence for aging adults in America.  Just another accident.  And yet, you wonder, was it entirely an accident?  Could it have been prevented? Let us consider your grandmother’s medical situation.  Like many aging adults she is on several medicines for a variety of medical problems.  And it turns out, according to medical experts who have been sounding the alarm recently, she may have, like many in her age group, accumulated entire...

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First do no harm | July 29, 2019

It is widely recognized that 1/3rd of the money spent on health care in this country is wasted…and THAT isn’t even the BAD news. The truly BAD news is that all that unnecessary wasted money, $800,000,000,000 and counting, is actually making us sicker in so, so many ways.  We’re just beginning to understand those many ways. Consider the following quotations from medical practitioners: “Let’s get a test” “I need to operate” “Try this pill” Su...

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Mission Impossible? | July 29, 2019

I’m looking at something I never expected to see, no-one ever expected to see.  Take a photo of a black hole 54 million light years (318,000,000,000,000 miles) from earth?  Never!  Well, a 28-year old computer science graduate student believed it could be done and she was so bold as to tell the astronomers how to do it.  Simple, she explained.  Construct a camera the size of the earth by linking 8 radio-telescopes to work in tandem, then write some algorithms to blend their images.  Voil...

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