Group Collaboration

Collectively paving the way for healthy people and a vibrant community

THRIVE —Transforming Health Regionally in a Vibrant Economy — is positively shifting health and economic success in a 14-county region by focusing on five strategic priorities: building provider capacity, increasing access to preventative care, investing in social determinants of health, creating jobs and developing an attractiveness engine that continually improves the region by drawing residents, employees and businesses. 

Driven by the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, the THRIVE effort is creating transformational change and improving lives across our coverage area through initiatives focused on:

  • Medication safety for older adults
  • Patient safety
  • Healthcare education expansion
  • Opioid treatment to reduce use and overdose deaths
  • Prenatal, infant and maternal health
  • Obesity and diabetes prevention
  • Mental health


In our region we have dedicated volunteers, stakeholders, community partners, regional and national collaborators and advisors to thank. The progress of THRIVE is the direct result of the efficiency and diligence from this large group of people. Ongoing engagement enables THRIVE to continue its mission to deliver improved health and sustained economic growth in our communities.


Leaders from across the Great Lakes Bay Region recognize the powerful and inseparable linkage between economic success and health. The region’s health will be much greater with a strong regional economy which is in turn, only possible with a healthy population.



There is a powerful and inseparable linkage between economic success and health. Healthy people make for vibrant communities. The THRIVE Impact Report provides details on the impact and outcomes of our work.